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Cold weather running gear!

Help! It’s been so long since I’ve dusted off my cold weather running gear that I believe I’ve forgotten how to dress. I have a 15k coming up this weekend, and the weather is supposed to be low 40’s and … Continue reading

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Workout Party #3

So I’m not cheating, BUT, Monday was another workout party at our trusty LA Fitness. If you haven’t been, their Monday night boot camp (or at least the one at the Bellevue location) is tough, different every week and a … Continue reading

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New Facebook Page!

Hey y’all…(I’m not southern but this phrase makes me wish I was) It’s cold. It’s crappy. And most of us don’t want to find our way off the couch to get our sweat on. And that’s normal. But in the … Continue reading

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Workout Party #2

…In reality, this is probably workout party #6 or 8, but for the sake of photos, it’s #2. ¬†Anyway, I met up with my crazy running group for an early morning in the low teens, complete with snow and ice … Continue reading

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Keeping a Dog Active in the Winter?

It’s Cincinnati and almost February, meaning that it’s cold (I’d even say colder than usual) and nobody wants to have anything to do with the outdoors.¬†Not even my usually snow-loving Archie, who will break into a full sprint back to … Continue reading

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Workout Party #1

For my first workout party, I’ll admit I’m cheating a little (I know right, Already?) But I would be remiss if I didn’t give props to my friend who’s accompanied me on more Workout Parties than I can count. We’ve … Continue reading

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Working on my Fitness

After some thinking, I’ve decided to expand the musings on this blog to include my fitness adventures. Working out is such a huge part of my life (PT, classes and tons of running) that I needed a place to talk … Continue reading

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