Workout Party #2

…In reality, this is probably workout party #6 or 8, but for the sake of photos, it’s #2.  Anyway, I met up with my crazy running group for an early morning in the low teens, complete with snow and ice for a solid 3.5 mile jaunt. Definitely a feeling of accomplishment after returning from something like that.

I always find it so difficult to dress for cold weather runs. What rules do you have so that you stay warm, but don’t overheat?

Workout party #2, a snowy group run!

Workout party #2, a snowy group run!

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Fab in Feb Workout Challenge

Fab in Feb Workout Challenge

I have some lofty fitness goals for this year. This being the last year of my 20’s I have a lot of lofty goals about pretty much everything. But especially fitness. (Hence the addition to the blog). I hope – and hold me to it- that by the time I leave my 20’s in December, that I’m the same weight (or less) than when I entered them…and proudly fit into my old prom dress.

Am I fat? No. But I have some leaning out to do!

So to work towards my larger goal and combat the winter blehs, I’m doing a 30 day fitness challenge for anyone interested in joining a group to stay motivated and accountable for your workouts/diet.

Doesn’t matter what fitness level you are- just committed to living a healthier life!

Interested? Leave me a comment and we can connect. The more people to join my challenge group, the better!

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Keeping a Dog Active in the Winter?

It’s Cincinnati and almost February, meaning that it’s cold (I’d even say colder than usual) and nobody wants to have anything to do with the outdoors. Not even my usually snow-loving Archie, who will break into a full sprint back to the house after finishing his business in these freezing temperatures.

So what’s a pet parent to do to keep your dog fit, happy and out of trouble? 

What do you do when it's too cold for your pet to exercise outdoors?

What do you do when it’s too cold for your pet to exercise outdoors?

I write this blog more as a question than a definitive list, as I know personally, my dog is just as content hanging out with his nylabone as he is running circles in the yard, but I just have parental guilt. He needs his exercise just like we do, and I don’t think LA Fitness offers puppy memberships quite yet.

So, I posed this question to my Facebook friends and they had some fun ideas to help keep a pet engaged (and not becoming a terror…not like Archie would of course.)

  • Invest in challenging puzzles or reward toys to keep your pet mentally stimulated
  • Take them on an indoor walk on a treadmill (if you have one)
  • Play fetch on the stairs to encourage more aerobic exercise

My only addition to this was to attempt doggie yoga. That should prove for a solid 5 minutes of entertainment. I’ll send a pic soon. Archie isn’t as obedient or patient as the retriever in this video.

Help me build my list: what do you do to keep your pet active in winter?

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Matchy-Matchy Monday

Introducing #workoutcincy! Tag your runs and posts with this to connect with my new fitness community! Details coming soon!!

…and what better way then to celebrate with a Matchy-Matchy Monday picture!

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Workout Party #1

The first and original Workout Party.

The first and original Workout Party.

For my first workout party, I’ll admit I’m cheating a little (I know right, Already?) But I would be remiss if I didn’t give props to my friend who’s accompanied me on more Workout Parties than I can count. We’ve traveled for races, lifted weights and held each other accountable for our diets (even confessing when we cheat!) Who knows how many pre-race pictures we’ve taken- these were just the ones from the past year!  Yes, I know I probably should invest in a new running visor, but this one is too perfect!

So, it’s only fitting to start my Workout Party adventure with my standing Workout Party friend!  Especially since we just did strength training yesterday.

Party on to the next workout!

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Working on my Fitness


Just working on my fitness.

After some thinking, I’ve decided to expand the musings on this blog to include my fitness adventures. Working out is such a huge part of my life (PT, classes and tons of running) that I needed a place to talk about it.

OF COURSE there will always be poodle news, because my dogs are my kids and I can’t not talk about them, but I felt the need to round things out a little. 

Also, it helps that I want to lose a little weight before my birthday (in December!), so being transparent about my working out will [hopefully] help me be a little more accountable. 

I’m also starting something I’d like to call “workout parties”- A 2014 goal of mine is to do a workout with at least one friend every week for the entire year…which may or may not result in skinny cocktails afterwards for added incentive!  I’d like to see how many friends I can get to share a workout with me! 

Who’s in? 

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Life Lessons from the Dogs


Archie looking for trouble while Doodle looks on stoically.

Shamefully, this post was intended to happen around Thanksgiving and was in my head entitled “why I’m Thankful for my dogs” but then my site blew up (No thanks to the geniuses at Network Solutions) and I was distracted. I think it was a blessing in disguise, because a thankful blog around Thanksgiving? Tres Cliche.

But really, I’m thankful for them and they’ve taught me so much. So, to honor my two pups with two very different personalities I’m sending a little tribute your way in hopes that we can all adopt a few of their philosophies in 2014 (like sticking with our loved ones, even when they smell like poo).

Archie, you sweet little troublemaker, you’ve shown myself and my husband that we can actually be real parents…and that we don’t need to have a child to realize that we already are a family. I’ve even seen Sean be a great dad to you- he even loves you when you smell like poop. And so do I. I’m also pretty sure your kisses can cure hangovers, which is pretty incredible.

Oscar, my sensitive, stoic little guy, you’ve been with me when many weren’t. We’ve been through things people will never understand, and I’m so glad I didn’t lose you that spring you decided to eat all of the stuffing out of a chew toy.  We have our own communication and you’ve become such a gentleman in your old age. The love you bring to my parents while I’m not there is unmeasurable. We are so lucky to have you.  And you’re super smart, too! You just get it.

What quirks or personality traits do you appreciate most about your pet?

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