The Worst Half Marathon. Ever.

I understand that not all races can be Cadillac, swag-filled races like Disney or the Kentucky Derby marathon, however when you pay a race entry, you reasonably expect there to be some kind or organization…or at least a start line. 

For anyone who stumbles upon this entry thinking about running the Cincinnati Half Marathon, please accept this friendly advice: Don’t. I repeat: Do not run the Cincinnati Half Marathon! 

The race was a joke, and after expressing my disappointment with friends, discovered that the race has continuously been disorganized in the several years it’s been in existence. I respect their mantra of trying to have a ‘no frills race’ to provide the runner with the best experience, however when the race experience is sub-par it makes you wonder where this money was going.

Here are just a few reasons why I’m disappointed with this race:

  • Packet pickup had two people working. They also ran out of water bottles/etc. to actually put inside the packets.
  • The start line wasn’t where it was supposed to be, and not labeled until 10 minute prior to the race…with electrical tape
  • The race began 25 minutes late
  • The miles were all .25 longer than they were supposed to be. The last mile was .50 longer than it should have been. HALF A MILE. 
  • For a day with 90% humidity and a high of 85 degrees a water stop (which also weren’t where they were supposed to be) every 2+ miles isn’t enough.
  • The runner’s “recovery area” consisted of a single tray of sliced watermelon, a bag of pretzels and a bottle of water. This is really the least of my concerns, as it’s not surprising after how the rest of the race went.

  One offence might be forgivable, or if this was the first year. But they should have had this ironed out by now, at this point it’s just greed and laziness. They didn’t even address questions on their Facebook page leading up to the race or address complaints following the event (they actually have been deleting comments).  Don’t bother with this race. Save your money for the Flying Pig or Queen Bee half.

 Throughout all of it though, my husband came out and met me along the course with water, gatorade and cold towels. He ROCKS! 


About The Poodle Lady

Fitness enthusiast who loves celebrating the bond between humans and dogs. I love poodles, but believe every dog deserves a loving home and best friend to share their life with. I'm also the publisher of PetLuxe Cincinnati:
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