All Fears Aside


This past weekend I traveled to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby half marathon, and what a wonderful weekend for a race. I felt great, the weather was perfect and my husband and several awesome friends were there to share in the race day energy (and post race libations!)

I ran my best race ever this weekend, PR’ing in both my 10k and half times. The half was more than 15 minutes faster than my previous one in November.  I was reflecting on this and what changed. They were both fairly flat courses and had similar temperatures. Truth be told, I was probably more trained for the other race than the one this weekend.

But then the difference occured to me: I wasn’t scared anymore. The half marathon was no longer some albatross that I approached with fear, it was just another challenge I knew I could tackle. 

With that pushed aside I didn’t spend time reserving energy in the first few miles, I pushed myself through all of it and had one of the best races I could have hoped for.

Imagine what else we can accomplish when we abandon all fears and just give things our all!


About The Poodle Lady

Fitness enthusiast who loves celebrating the bond between humans and dogs. I love poodles, but believe every dog deserves a loving home and best friend to share their life with. I'm also the publisher of PetLuxe Cincinnati:
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One Response to All Fears Aside

  1. Andrea says:

    Congrats again on your great race! It’s definitely amazing to see what we are capable of when we just go for it. I also firmly believe now that all races should be on Saturday. It’s so much more fun to be able to have a few drinks and a little fun after without worrying about work the next day!

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