Workout Party #1

The first and original Workout Party.

The first and original Workout Party.

For my first workout party, I’ll admit I’m cheating a little (I know right, Already?) But I would be remiss if I didn’t give props to my friend who’s accompanied me on more Workout Parties than I can count. We’ve traveled for races, lifted weights and held each other accountable for our diets (even confessing when we cheat!) Who knows how many pre-race pictures we’ve taken- these were just the ones from the past year!  Yes, I know I probably should invest in a new running visor, but this one is too perfect!

So, it’s only fitting to start my Workout Party adventure with my standing Workout Party friend!  Especially since we just did strength training yesterday.

Party on to the next workout!


About The Poodle Lady

Fitness enthusiast who loves celebrating the bond between humans and dogs. I love poodles, but believe every dog deserves a loving home and best friend to share their life with. I'm also the publisher of PetLuxe Cincinnati:
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5 Responses to Workout Party #1

  1. Lora says:

    Let’s keep it going! here’s to many more workout parties!

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