Cold weather running gear!

Help! It’s been so long since I’ve dusted off my cold weather running gear that I believe I’ve forgotten how to dress.

I have a 15k coming up this weekend, and the weather is supposed to be low 40’s and possible rain/snow mix…Don’t want to overheat but also don’t want to suffer through 9+freezing miles!

Tons of options but can’t guess which is best… what would you wear for a run like this? ?

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The Worst Half Marathon. Ever.

I understand that not all races can be Cadillac, swag-filled races like Disney or the Kentucky Derby marathon, however when you pay a race entry, you reasonably expect there to be some kind or organization…or at least a start line. 

For anyone who stumbles upon this entry thinking about running the Cincinnati Half Marathon, please accept this friendly advice: Don’t. I repeat: Do not run the Cincinnati Half Marathon! 

The race was a joke, and after expressing my disappointment with friends, discovered that the race has continuously been disorganized in the several years it’s been in existence. I respect their mantra of trying to have a ‘no frills race’ to provide the runner with the best experience, however when the race experience is sub-par it makes you wonder where this money was going.

Here are just a few reasons why I’m disappointed with this race:

  • Packet pickup had two people working. They also ran out of water bottles/etc. to actually put inside the packets.
  • The start line wasn’t where it was supposed to be, and not labeled until 10 minute prior to the race…with electrical tape
  • The race began 25 minutes late
  • The miles were all .25 longer than they were supposed to be. The last mile was .50 longer than it should have been. HALF A MILE. 
  • For a day with 90% humidity and a high of 85 degrees a water stop (which also weren’t where they were supposed to be) every 2+ miles isn’t enough.
  • The runner’s “recovery area” consisted of a single tray of sliced watermelon, a bag of pretzels and a bottle of water. This is really the least of my concerns, as it’s not surprising after how the rest of the race went.

  One offence might be forgivable, or if this was the first year. But they should have had this ironed out by now, at this point it’s just greed and laziness. They didn’t even address questions on their Facebook page leading up to the race or address complaints following the event (they actually have been deleting comments).  Don’t bother with this race. Save your money for the Flying Pig or Queen Bee half.

 Throughout all of it though, my husband came out and met me along the course with water, gatorade and cold towels. He ROCKS! 

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All Fears Aside


This past weekend I traveled to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby half marathon, and what a wonderful weekend for a race. I felt great, the weather was perfect and my husband and several awesome friends were there to share in the race day energy (and post race libations!)

I ran my best race ever this weekend, PR’ing in both my 10k and half times. The half was more than 15 minutes faster than my previous one in November.  I was reflecting on this and what changed. They were both fairly flat courses and had similar temperatures. Truth be told, I was probably more trained for the other race than the one this weekend.

But then the difference occured to me: I wasn’t scared anymore. The half marathon was no longer some albatross that I approached with fear, it was just another challenge I knew I could tackle. 

With that pushed aside I didn’t spend time reserving energy in the first few miles, I pushed myself through all of it and had one of the best races I could have hoped for.

Imagine what else we can accomplish when we abandon all fears and just give things our all!

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Question for the running universe.

This question might singlehandedly blow your mind. BUT because I managed to cause myself significant discomfort during my past few long runs, I’m throwing this question out to the universe:

How do you tie your running shoes?

Previously, I’d never had a problem, but for some reason my left tendon will be killing me towards the end of my longer runs.

I’ve concluded this is a shoelace issue

In the meantime, you can find me icing my foot in advance of the Ky Derby 1/2 next weekend and reverting to old shoes. Good grief!

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On being tired

Life is tiring, no doubt about it.

Sure enough, on multiple occasions my husband will give me grief for my “exhaustion” but even I’ll admit it’s self-inflicted. And I take that for granted, because there is a good reason for it.

While I’ll spend many days pursuing passions long before sun up or sun down I can’t quit.

I workout because without my health I wouldn’t have the energy to take on half of the things I do.

I spend as much time as I can with my dogs, because their time on this earth is short and their unconditional love deserves every minute I can give.

I travel because I know there will come a day when I can no longer visit the places I want to see due to accessibility concerns.

I spend time connecting or re-connecting with friends whenever I can because I’ve already lost more than I’d like and already missed out on so many moments.

Yes, it’s tiring. Life is tiring, but my priorities are so big and so meaningful that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you haven’t seen the jelly beans video about our time on earth, I highly recommend it. It took me at least a tissue to get through,  but is so worthwhile.

Love and hugs!

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Workout Party #3

So I’m not cheating, BUT, Monday was another workout party

Workout Party #3

Workout Party #3

at our trusty LA Fitness. If you haven’t been, their Monday night boot camp (or at least the one at the Bellevue location) is tough, different every week and a solid group of determined workout buddies.

So while I’ll only post a picture of myself and usual my workout buddy, know that there was a party raging in this room just a few minutes prior.

This was the first boot camp I’d done in a while, and probably only the second since I’ve started my T25 program,  and I must admit, the daily workouts have helped TONS. Not only have I improved my cardio for my runs, but it’s helped me blast through the normally completely draining class. Nothing better than surprising yourself from time to time!

Don’t forget to like my new Facebook page!

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New Facebook Page!

Hey y’all…(I’m not southern but this phrase makes me wish I was)

It’s cold. It’s crappy. And most of us don’t want to find our way off the couch to get our sweat on. And that’s normal.

But in the interest of further channeling my fitness passion and not overburdening you with my daily workout and diet challenges, I’m inviting you to join the Facebook community.

Work Out Cincy is intended to provide the motivation you need to kick your routine into high gear and provide you with clean eating resources and challenges that will push you to be your best.  Click here to LIKE (snazzy website to follow.)

Be sure to share with your friends, too. (And don’t let the name fool you- you don’t have to live in Cincinnati to like the page!)

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